1 /swItS/ verb
1 (I, T) to change from one thing to another, usually suddenly
(+ to): He used to play tennis, but now he's switched to golf. | switch sth to/from/away etc: Duval switched easily and fluently from French to English. | switch jobs/positions etc (=change from one job or position to another): switch sth to/from/away etc We can switch the meeting to Tuesday if you like. | switch your attention: Just switch your attention to the screen on your left.
2 (T) to secretly remove one object and put another similar object in its place: Someone must have switched suitcases at the airport.
3 (I) to help someone you work with who needs time away from the job by agreeing to work certain hours for them if they do the same for you: switch with sb: Can you switch with me on Monday night?
4 (transitive always + adv/prep) to change the way a machine operates by using a switch: Switch the freezer to the `extra cold' setting.
switch off phrasal verb
1 (I, T) to turn off a machine, electric light, radio etc by using a switch: Don't forget to switch off when you've finished. | switch sth off: Can you switch the television off?
—see open 2
2 (I) informal to stop listening or paying attention: He just switches off when you start talking to him.
switch on phrasal verb (I, T) to turn on a machine, electric light, radio etc by using a switch: swith sth on: Can you switch the light on? —see open 2 switch over phrasal verb (I)
1 to change completely from one method, product etc to another
(+ from/to): A lot of banks are switching over to the new electronic system because it's more efficient.
2 (I, T) BrE to change from one radio or television station to another: Switch over if you don't like the programme.
2 noun (C)
1 the part on a light, radio, machine etc that starts or stops the flow of electricity when you press it up or down: light switch: a light switch | the on/off switch | throw a switch (=pull a large switch): He threw a switch and all the lights in the theatre came on.
2 a complete, and usually sudden, change from one thing to another: The switch to a free market economy will not be easy. | that's a switch AmE (=used to say that someone's behaviour is unusual for them): “Mark's doing the dishes tonight.” “That's a switch!”
3 make the switch to secretly remove one object and put another similar object in its place: The original painting has been replaced by a fake, and no one knows when the switch was made.
4 a thin stick that bends easily: a willow switch

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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